About us

Who are we?

Wines that Shine was conceived from pregnancy…… is that even possible………? We always collected wine, but some forced periods of abstinence (and a couple of beautiful children) created a significantly expanded personal collection.

As a result of that collection, friends would ask us to mix up a case….. “you know what we like” was all they said, and the concept for Wines that Shine was born!

Why do our Wines Shine?

We search across Australia & the globe to find wines that stand out from the crowd. We only mix-up wines that shine!

We enjoy classics like Barossa Shiraz, Clare Riesling & Yarra Pinot, but love the gems that have a tale to tell & create memories. Is your favourite memory a Napa Cab Sav, Brunello from Tuscany, a Verdelho from the Hunter or something you didn’t expect to enjoy? Yes, Moss Wood Chardonnay….. you know we’re talking about you!

Let us take your preferences and send out a collection that you’ll be talking about for days, weeks or at least until the next mix arrives.

We don’t sell expensive wines, but we do believe in quality shining through!

What if you don’t think a wine shines?

We love feedback. The more you give, the better we can match your preferences.

If you don’t like a wine, we’ll send you a credit note for the value of that wine, to use towards your next purchase.
Conditions apply.

What if you want more?

If there’s a particular wine you love, call us on 1300 098 409 or email orders@winesthatshine.com.au and we’ll hook you up with the good stuff!